Visual Content
Technical Production
Mr.Beam Productions
Music Composition
Roel Slootman
Sound Design
Aline Bruijns
Richard Mulder
Coellner Photography


In 2018 the city of The Hague organised the festival ‘Feest aan Zee’, celebrating 200 years of seaside Scheveningen. To connect coast to the city , the organisation fo Feest aan Zee invited various acts and artist to present their work at seaside and in the city of The Hague. We were honoured to be to do what we do best; tell a story.

Old Masters New Heroes is a projection mapping show, entailing the rich history of the Binnenhof/Ridderzaal. For 800 years, the Binnenhof has been the centre of power, heart of the democracy and the fundament of freedom. Nowhere else in the world has a government centre been operational for 8 centuries with such a strong connection to monarchy, art and culture. The Ridderzaal served as our canvas to take the visitor on a visual journey through the history of Dutch democracy.
To tell this extraordinary history of the Binnenhof in Den Haag, we created a visual story inspired by some of the most memorable moments that took place at the Ridderzaal. Ridderzaal is the main building of the 13th century square called Binnenhof. Inspired by the rose window in the architecture, our team created smart animation designs, playfully integrating it’s shape within the context.

Being able to collaborate closely with our in-house music composer Roel Slootman and sound-designer Aline Bruijns, the visual story Old Masters New Heroes was intensified by the musical aspect. Our production team delivered best technical setup to captivate the audience with a projection mapping show that is educational, touching and inspiring.




Like most of our projects, the creative process starts right at the drawing table. Our team of creative professionals designed smart animations and compositions to enrich the history of Ridderzaal. The architecture inspired us to include the rosace as a returning shape in our design, visually uniting every scene.



Primary colours in the style of the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan projection onto the Ridderzaal in The Hague


For centuries, Binnenhof the Hague has been one of Hollands most important Parliaments and the most acknowledged political place. As the oldest operational government centre, it has a rich history. It is used for the state opening of Parliament on Prinsjesdag,  the day when the Dutch monarch drives to Parliament in the Golden Coach and delivers the speech from the throne. It is also used for official royal receptions, and inter-parliamentary conferences. In the 13th century Count of Holland Floris IV, bought a piece of land next to a lake to build his house on.
Over the centuries, the buildings transformed and developed around this lake, later incorporating the Ridderzaal.  Throughout the years the building served various purposes, such as market hall, a promenade, a drill hall, a public record office, a hospital ward and even the offices of the state lottery.