Transforming stories into experiences
requires a fusion of art and technology.

Here’s how we do it.


We are a creative team of multidisciplinary professionals who share their passion for motion design, projection mapping, animation, interactive design, and technical innovation. Our work brings ordinary objects and spaces to life and creates extraordinary immersive experiences.

Mr.Beam studio is founded in 2009. Back then, the world of multimedia design used to look a lot different. While the field was conditioned to a standard model of a rectangular canvas, we felt the necessity to break out of those boundaries and create dynamic special experiences instead.



We differentiated ourselves from other studios by exploring the possibilities of video mapping and integrating other art forms into our projects, such as theatre and music.

Our team is armed with talented animators, graphic designers, 3D-designers, music composers, interactive designers, technical experts, and art directors who all share the passion for storytelling and multimedia worlds. Always inspired by the (hi)story of the site, we create a site-specific unique momentum, that takes the audience on a journey to a magical world of video mapping and multimedia design.



1. Concept

Every project starts right at the drawing table. During a brainstorming session, we collect visions and ideas. At the same time, we look for the technological potentials of a project and learn its possibilities both creatively and from a technical production point of few.

We like having a collaborative approach with our clients. Based on the creative and technical sessions, a conceptual presentation is organized to fully convey the project’s ambition and milestones. From here on out, our team starts to create both the visual story, as well as the technical layout.


Mr.Beam studio storyboard concept videoland



Mr.Beam visual design for Bose Cadillac

2. Design

Once the concept is approved, it’s time to start designing. Our creative team starts out with extracting key moments that shape the entire arch for the show. At the same time, the technical team develops a more precise design of all the technical and productional aspects that come in to place on location.

To get the right visual direction, we handpick color palettes, mood boards, and musical references in order to judge the overall aesthetics of the project. This essential process helps every one to get an overview of the project.



3. Production

During the production phase, all the disciplines start coming to life. Graphic designs become dynamic animated sequences as the production phase moves forward. High resolution renders and simulations are discussed during regular check-ins with the client or curator.

As the creative team progresses, the technical team takes its part in ensuring schematic designing, scheduling, purchases, and transport of various aspects of the production. This allows a smooth transition from the production process into integrating everything on location.



Mr.Beam studio 3D design building projection




Mr.Beam technical production team


4. Integration

It’s time to bring content and tech together to create an immersive experience on location. Mr.Beam designs turnkey productions, making sure everything is in the right place, at the right moment.

Getting the right hardware in place and create the right content is one thing, but it’s the communication and careful alignment of the two that makes the difference. This is why our technical and creative team still cooperate during the Integration phase. With great care, the team installs hardware, does projection mapping and programs the show. At the same time, the content is color corrected and fine-tuned on location. It is these details that matter and create an unforgettable experience.


5. Operation

Showtime! While the audience is immersed with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, our work continues behind the scenes.

Our in-house experts are present on-site for technical and artistic support and monitoring of the show. In addition to the on-site professionals, we offer custom operation manuals with a technical support helpdesk for our modular interactive installations, ensuring our clients have the most convenient user experience. Our team works together from start to end, making sure every Mr.Beam project is a magical experience.


Kensington Johan Cruijff arena stage design Bart Heemskerk foto

Photo: Bart Heemskerk

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