We enjoy creating multimedia universes and bringing ideas to life together with our clients, but some of our ideas ask for a personal project. That was the case with Morphosis. This artwork is a creative hybrid, bridging philosophical concept with video projections, music, architecture and choreography.

Throughout the years our studio has developed unique expertise in the field of projection mapping and multimedia techniques. Running a studio with a team of talented artists, there is no end to all the creative visions and ideas. For this projects we took the creativity to the next level, combining various artistic disciplines together into an immersive multidisciplinary artwork.


Projection mapping on person


Projection mapping in at Metaalkathedraal Utrecht


A location can serve as the first inspiration for an idea. This was the case with Metaal Kathedraal.
The extraordinary building was established in 1857, and has transformed into different forms and functions ever since. Originally a Roman Catholic Church, Metaal Kathedraal functioned as a sidecar factory, a metal factory and since 2011 as a cultural center for artist in residencies.

In 2011 the Metaal Kathedraal became an ecological cultural centre, and has been a meeting point for many artists and creative entrepreneurs up to now.
Actuality and engagement with contemporary issues of our society are one if the key stones of their ideology. With the climate crisis as a big problem facing our society, art and science provide insights to help solve those problems.

It was a great experience working at this inspirational location, collaborating with other artists to translate our visions and idea’s into a unique work of art.




The principle of morphing: seamlessly transforming one image or shape into the other. Morphosis is a transformational play between different media, where various art forms come together, creating one immersive experience.

Winner of the BUMA Music In Motion New Talent Award 2015, music composer and sound designer Roel Slootman translates stories into sound. He wrote the music composition for the entire project. Collaborating closely with Slootman, allowed us to create a synergy between sound and animation design.

Dancer Everlyne Rossie based in Amsterdam, created a dynamic choreography inspired by the music and location. During the shoot, she performed a freestyle,  adding a sense of existence with her choreography to the architecture. By interacting with our video projections, the dancer almost merged into the light animations. All disciplines came together, influencing and inspiring one and other.