Lazarus Poster David Bowie


On David Bowie’s birthday, January 8th, Stage Entertainment is hosting a special première at Leidseplein in Amsterdam, as a tribute to the legendary pop star, artist and style icon David Bowie.

The facade of the Hirsch building and Apple Store will be transformed into a canvas for the official opening of the ‘Remembering Bowie-week’. We have created an immersive projection mapping show that honours him in spirit and encourages the audience to experience the Lazarus musical.

In December 2015, the incurably ill Bowie experienced the premiere of his latest masterpiece ‘Lazarus’, and died about a month later. In ‘Lazarus’, Bowie’s alter ego Thomas Newton takes us through his life, dreams and obsessions. A journey that is framed by hits such as ‘Absolute beginners’, ‘Changes’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lazarus’. This must see theater experience embodies the creative power of David Bowie and his artistry. 



David Bowie was an English singer-songwriter and actor, and considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Everybody knows him for his visual presentation and genius musicality that left a significant impact on the pop music industry. A visionary, and interdisciplinary artists who was born on January 8th 1947 and died January 10th 2016.

Stage Entertainment organised a tribute event, ‘Bowie Week’ , to honour his legacy. Today, January 8th 2020, Leidseplein in Amsterdam will become his stage that allows us to re-connect with his artwork. Kicking off this event, the Dutch presenter Albert Verlinde and Bowie-expert Ad Visser will officially open the première in Amsterdam. Lazarus the musical will performed at the Delamar Theatre, that will also host various talks and extra’s. This event will take place from January 8th until January 12th.


DeLamar theater Amsterdam Leidseplein zwart wit foto



Dragan Bakema en Noortje Herlaar, the main actors of the musical Lazarus officially opened the ‘Bowie Week’ by turning on our projections on the Hirsch building in Amsterdam. The immersive tribute is to be seen until Sunday January 12th. David Bowie would have turned 73 this day. It has been four years since the pop star died on January 10, 2016. Bowie died one month after the world premiere of his musical Lazarus. The musical is considered to be his last masterpiece and can be seen at DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam.

David Bowie Hirsch Building projections official opening

Photo: Roy Beusker