Keys of Light
a once in a lifetime musical experience


Keys of Light is an interactive piano installation for everyone, allowing the audience to co-create a vision-sound harmony by playing the piano. The architectural facade of any building is transformed into an ever-changing coloured canvas with the stroke of each piano key.


Audience participation

There are hundreds of ways how you can tell the story of your brand and showcase your business in the content you create for your audience, but with immersive storytelling, content gets more meaning and depth that your audience can experience. You won’t just be marketing your products or services with your story – you will create a memorable experience for your audience.


Platform for local talent

Keys of Light serves as a platform for talent. Every edition encourages local talents to participate and share their skills with the audience. From local conservatory students, to well known pianists and child prodigies – the interactive piano installation offers a stage with an audiovisual experience for both the musician and the audience.

This way we aim to stimulate culture on every light festival and event we participate in.


Modular and adaptable

Keys of Light is modular and adapts to any environment. A symbiosis of sound and sight. We’re always excited about new locations and ideas! Curious to see what we will do with your space?


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Interactive Piano Installation
Project Mapping on one facade
Technical Production
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