Kleur de Stad
together we colour the city!


‘Kleur de Stad’ is a community art installation by Mr.Beam Studio, that allows young and old to color their city and share their creativity with others.


Kleur de Stad is centered around an ethos of inclusivity, freedom of expression and shining a light on individuals in the community who may not generally have a voice or access to the spotlight.


Inclusion and diversity

By celebrating cultural diversity, art and the cityscape, Kleur de Stad offers the city an opportunity to connect with its inhabitants, and for the inhabitants to connect with each other, through the magical language of art and wonder.


Audience Participation

Kleur de Stad is suitable for people of all ages, whether novice or expert at art and self-expression.


Highly scalable

Kleur de Stad can be integrated into an existing (light art) festival as a singular art piece and can also be easily scaled up to a standalone light festival format made up entirely of projections at the desired number of different sites in any location.


Book here

Our packages can be tailored to suit your specific event or festival. Feel free to reach out to discuss ideas.


Packages include

Tailoring the artwork to your building
Designing a color sheet
User-friendly submission portal
Processing and optimising submissions
Programming all submissions
Mapping on location