Let your voice flourish


This is Stem, a growing interactive art installation. You are invited to feed the artwork with your voice and see it transform into a unique plant that twists and grows on a building.

By use of a microphone, Stem listens to the distinctive characteristics of your voice and turns these into a unique tree. Every voice deserves to be heard. So speak your mind, whisper your secrets, sing, chant or cheer to feed Stem and become a part of this beautiful garden of wonders.

Stem is an artwork created by Mr.Beam in collaboration with House of Secrets.


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Audience Participation

The interactive and intuitive character of the installation make it accessible for all ages. Children may sing into the flower, some speak loving words cheer loudly. Those who don’t feel the need to speak their minds and interact with the artwork can just stand by and enjoy watching the wonderfully diverse plants envelop the building.


Inclusive and unique

Every voice deserves to be heard, this concept is the very core of Stem. The artwork is very responsive to the audible input, so participants really experience that how they use their voice matters. You might get different shapes, colours or flowers, a straight stalk upwards to the sky or even a completely overgrown building. Every tree will be totally unique.


Engaging and shareable

The visual outcome of Stem is photogenic and pleasant to experience. Its fantastic and surprising shapes, beautiful sounds and reactions to the audience also make it a magical moment to share. Both in person and online.


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Packages include

Interactive installations setup
Projection mapping on one facade
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