Fun Fun in Denmark

Create a show with no limits to the imagination.

Create a show with no limits to the imagination. That was our starting point. This freedom made the project a real dynamic team effort. We inspired each other audibly and visually, which developed a visual journey through the world of music. The working title kept coming back in our daily brainstorming sessions; the title stuck. We had a lot of fun creating this projection mapping show. So much, we said the word twice: Fun Fun!


Vigorous extravaganza

Crossing dimensions and music genres.

The show begins when the conductor takes his place on the stage. The music starts to play, and bit by bit, Egeskov Castle, awakes the music. The facade begins to take the lead, and the conductor tries to follow. He gets overwhelmed by the grand spectacle and gets sucked into a dream, a world of wonder. We travel through different dimensions and music genres. A real majestic splendor.

Will the conductor be able to take the lead? Or will he stay in the craziness created by the facade?

The various designs led to different music genres. Our lead composer took up the challenge of making the transitions between genres sound like one piece using a fixed tempo and key, but alternating the time signature and rhythmic structure. Every scene is so diverse. The fixed heartbeat pushes the performance forward, like a cheerful train that stops when the show comes to an end. The fixed tempo and key were a deliberate choice to mix all genres in the last scenes. While composing, the animators checked the music’s dynamics, which guided the animation choices.


Contradictions & contrasts

A hint of sensual surprise

The designs meant to go against the viewers’ expectations. This intended contradiction sets the tone for the whole show. The music leads and gives you some curveballs along the way. A classical setting is introduced. This changes into a digital parade of contrasting colors and overlapping various styles.

In the modern world, we can access art in an instant, through the internet. Scrolling minds, who receive loads of information, absorb this briefly. Overstimulation for our senses, without paying too much attention. These fast animations established an element of surprise.


The dance of animation

Syncing the choreography of digital art

Organically, inspired by the music, the animations formed, which resulted in a fun, crazy dance of interpretations. The connection between music and visuals was a mutual source of inspiration, creating different styles, and invoking multiple emotions throughout the show. Picking the right settings for the genres and choosing the exact moments to sync with the music resulted in a coherent play.

A fun fact about the show is that our lead animator starred as the conductor. After a lot of animating, he knew the scenes and music by heart. This suitable character ties the scenes together. The performance goes from a serious orchestra conductor to a crazy cartoon-like interpretation. A natural fit for him, don’t you think?

Conductor signals the start of the show

Conductor acts out the visual display

Emotive expression by the conductor

Conductor raises arms or the end


This creatively fulfilling process set no limits on our imagination.
We explored new horizons and reinvented the definition of fun.


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