FEBRUARI 5th, 2020


The Moco Museum in Amsterdam presents a new art installation in collaboration with Studio Irma. Mr.Beam provided full technical setup for the exhibition ‘Reflecting Forward’. This Digital Immersive Art installation allows the audience to get lost in the world of art and technology. 

The artists uses the concept of Connectivism, as a new art movement, showing endless connections to reflect on future circumstances.


“Connectivism stresses that internet technologies like web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of understanding and learning in our digital age.”  – Studio Irma



Mr.Beam technical setup behind the scene Moco Museum Amsterdam


We at Mr.Beam understand both creative and technical aspects of an artwork, and know how to integrate them into one immersive art installation. 

For visual artist Irma de Vries (NL), we provided the technical design and installation, making sure the equipment and artwork are seamlessly connected. Our customised showcontrol enables all parts of the exhibition to be operated simultaneously,  including LED screens, LED walls, media players, audio and projection.

‘Reflecting Forward’ is an artwork where art, space, interactivity, technology and light  are blurred into one immersive experience. More info.