JULY 9TH, 2019



Every time our interactive piano installation Keys of Light travels to a new destination, it becomes a unique site specific artwork. Investigating the place, it’s history and it’s values, our team creates a one-of-a-kind installation that evolves and transforms leaving no performance the same. For this particular Light Festival in Jerusalem we presented our art work at the square of the Davidson Centre.

Davidson Centre is an Archeological Park in Jerusalem, located near the Western Wall in the Old City. This one of the top tourist attractions has a great historical and archeological significance, where you can find remains dating from the First and Second Temple period. Off course this extraordinary location asked for an extraordinary installation. For the first time we have designed our interactive installation using no projectors!

In close collaboration with interactive designer Adriaan Wormgoor, we have created a ‘light-tree’ installation with the piano as it’s heart. 72 DMX lights and 168 meters of LED tubes consisting of 10752 LED lights in total, were all controlled separately by our software, immersing the audience with an illuminated experience of music and light. The installation was programmed as such, so it recognises the intensity of the play, reacting accordingly with a variation of light and color compositions. Every piano key triggers a different composition in space, creating a dynamic interaction between the piano player and it’s surrounding. Though the piano installation Keys of Light is accessible for anyone, from beginner to professional, it is always a pleasure hearing and seeing professional pianists taking part in the artwork. During Jerusalem Festival of Light, 2 professional pianists surprised the audience with an immersive performance. 



Jerusalem  – one of the oldest cities in the world and a spiritual place for the three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It has a rich history dating to 4000 BC. The Old City – a walled area within Jerusalem – is divided into four parts: the Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Armenian Quarter and Jewish Quarter. 

Once every year, the historic Old City turns into a unique festival that lights up the whole area. Hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to Jerusalem to wander through the picturesque streets discovering many amazing art installation that the Light Festival has to offer. Jerusalem Festival of Light exhibits a variety of multimedia artwork, such as 3D- installations, video artwork, sound- and light shows and interactive installations. We were honoured to participate with our interactive piano installation Keys of Light on this beautiful location in the Old City.

Keys of Light in Jerusalem light festival