iLight Singapore

A fairytale oasis in a futuristic city

iLight Singapore, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, features light art installations around the Marina Bay waterfront, by local and international artists. The festival invites artists, focussing on various forms of sustainability to examine how light art can start conversations about our lifestyle, decision making, and the community. Mr.Beam studio was honoured to take part of the 2019 edition at the Fort Canning Park.




Keys of Light traveled to Singapore for iLight Festival 2019.

Cherishing the importance of nature conservation, we integrated our interactive piano installation Keys of Light within the concept, playfully complimenting a beautiful piece of preserved nature right in the city of Singapore. As the installation was placed on the hill of Fort Canning Park, we were able to make smart use of the light tower to visually attract the audience to take part of the immersive experience.
The audience was invited to explore different connections between music, animation, nature and architecture. By playing the piano, the park transformed into a mesmerising fairytale world, that made you forget you were in a city full of skyscrapers and busy traffic.

For this edition of Keys of Light, we were challenged to work with projections on trees and plants. To enhance the sensation of a fantasy world, we added physical lights to the installation, that communicated with our software. Inspired by the foliage that was in the park, we developed animation designs and integrated them within the artwork to serve the cultural aspect. Visitors of the Fort Canning Park were able to take part of the installation from January 2019 until Februari 2019.