La Fête des Lumières

Interactive Multimedia installation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon

The Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon ( Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon) is a museum of fine art in the French city of Lyon. Its collections range from ancient Egypt antiquities to the Modern art period and make the museum one of the most important in Europe. We had the great honour to showcase our interactive piano installation Keys of Light during one of the biggest light festivals: La Fête des Lumières. La Fête des Lumières is an annual, four days lasting festival in Lyon, France. Taking place in December, the festival honours Mary, mother of Jesus by lighting up the city.



Keys of Light

Keys of Light was presented at a very special location: the garden of the Museum of Fine Arts Lyon. As our installation evolves, every Keys of Light performance remains a unique site-specific experience that allows the audience to interact with the surrounding. For La Fête des Lumières 2018 we inhibited the garden of the Musée des Beaux-arts, transforming it to an immersive happening.

By playing the piano, our software triggered organic animations and various DMX lamps that accentuated the beautiful architecture and art pieces in the courtyard. By playing the piano, the audience was immersed within a dream-like world where architecture, art, music and nature merged into a unique multimedia experience.

Perfectly curated placement of DMX lights transformed the usually dark courtyard into an illuminated environment. Famous sculptures and pillars were put under the spotlight one by one, while music compositions filled the patio. Positioning the piano in the centre allowed us create a 360 projection surface in the garden, that submerged the audience in the installation. We worked with organic animation designs to emphasise the presence of trees and plants, as the event took place in December. Integrating advanced projection mapping techniques with our interactive software, we were able to create an interesting connection between contemporary multimedia art and some of the most renowned fine art pieces of the Musée des Beaux-arts in Lyon.