Lilu Light Festival Lucerne, takes place annually in Lucerne, Switzerland. The initial goal of the festival is to bring light in the winter months and make the city shine in de darker period of the year. Artists from all over the world are invited to create light installations for the city. We were asked to bring our interactive piano installation Keys of Light to the light festival. From January 9th until the 19th, Lucerne becomes a gathering place immersed in light.

Light Art Lilu light Festival


Musik Pavillion Luzerne Switzerland


The pavilion was built in 1908 by the German architect Bruno Schmitz in geometric Art Nouveau style, an art movement between 1890 and 1910. Art Nouveau or Jugendstil, was a reaction against the academic art and historicism and mostly reflected architecture and decoration. Characteristic for this style, was the use of natural forms, inspired by plants and flowers and a sense of movement, often defined by asymmetry and the use of modern materials such as concrete. Naturally we were inspired by the artistic value of the architecture to create unique visual design for this Keys of Light edition. An other characteristic of this location that was of great value to the experience of our installation, was the fact that this was an open stage, a theatre where many concerts have been held as a tradition on the Kurplatz for over 100 years.


Projection Mapping setup at Light Festival LILU in Switzerland for the interactive piano installation Keys of Light

Projection mapping experience at LILU light Festival with the interactive piano performance Keys of Light


Every Keys of Light location and performance is unique. To share the experiences worldwide, we use #keysoflight on our Instagram account.

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