Attempt The Absurd
The Hague Highlights


Attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible is a famous quote by graphic artist M.C. Escher. It formed the foundation for a spectacular projection mapping on Museum Escher In ‘t Paleis for The Hague Highlights 2024.


Fifteen animators were each given the chance to create one minute of video. Their assignment was to get inspired by M.C. Escher and the architecture of the building, and visualise the theme ‘Attempt The Absurd’ in their own fashion. All of these unique parts were then combined into one show.

Look below for a full registration of Attempt The Absurd During The Hague Highlights 2024, including score by Roy Griekspoor.


For this project we placed an open call for artists. From dozens of applications we then selected a wide range of artist from numerous disciplines, most of whom had little or no experience in projection mapping. With Mr.Beam we guided them in this process and what works best for projection.

Attempt the absurd formed half of the complete show, every 15 minutes it alternated with Kleur de stad.