Immersive Experience


The fifth installment of Zuiderzeelicht event tells the story of “Het Waterveulen van Volendam”. We follow Lijsje, a spirited and misunderstood girl who befriends the mythical water foal that leads the humble farmer village to the riches of the Zuiderzee.


This magical, educational, and immersive experience celebrates the cultural and natural heritage of Volendam and its enduring connection to the sea.


Toen de zee van ijs was” is the fourth edition immersive experience of Zuiderzeelicht and is about the true story of three Durgerdammer fishermen: Klaas Bording and his two sons, Klaas and Jacob Bording.


In the winter of 1849 they set out on the frozen Zuiderzee to catch fish. During the bone-beating, disaster strikes. The ice breaks and the men become detached from the mainland. For fourteen days they float under harsh conditions on an ice float over the icy waters of the Zuiderzee. They float past Marken and Enkhuizen, but no one hears or sees them. The experience tells the story of the outcome for Klaas and Jacob.