Storyboard drawings for Amsterdam Light Festival

Concept development and content creation

Right from the beginning of the initial conceptualization of a project, we are driven by the power of storytelling. Inspired by the clients’ requirements, our multidisciplinary team of professionals develops outside-of-the-box content to translate your story into a visual realm.

Mr.Beam studio works with 2D – and 3D-animators, music composers, interactive designers, voice actors, and technical producers. Our talented team brings every idea to life. Having professionals from various creative fields on the team makes our process a harmonious collaboration that allows us to deliver all-round content for any project.




Technical production

Listening closely to our client’s needs, we are experts in transforming visions into reality: from experiential marketing to live events, interactive installations and intimate cultural projects – our technical production makes it possible to dream big!’ Mr.Beam Productions has a team of producers and technologists with the knowledge to deliver high-quality results on every location using state of the art technology. Learn more about our technical productions.



Every project is treated with care and attention to detail; we offer technical advise, installation and maintenance resulting in the best technical allround support. We understand that each project is different and requires the right approach to succeed. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our skilled team of technical producers and creative technologists thinks along and overcomes challenges with confidence.



projection mapping rijkmuseum Leiden Mr.Beam studio

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a technique, that enables the transformation of objects and spaces of all shapes and forms with the use of a projector. Any surface can be altered into a new universe, adding a digital layer on to the physical exterior. Using the light and color of the projection, any surface can be manipulated. Pioneering in the field of projection mapping, we always look for innovative ways to fuse the state of the art technology with our creative vision. 


Interactive design

Interacting with our audience, and giving the audience the opportunity to interact with the surrounding through versatile multimedia installations; our projects create playful environments to be explored.

With the introduction of an interactive aspect, we are able to immerse the audience into our work. Playing with the element of audience participation merged with technology, sound- and artistic design, we are able to create 4-Dimensional experiences.

Interactive projection mapping Mauritshuis, The Hague


Projection mapping on church in Lodz during light festival in poland

Girl playing the interactive piano Keys of Light in Ghent

Light Festival Ghent


Brand experience

We love making an impact, how about you? Our work helps to build your visual identity to communicate to the consumer, creating unforgettable brand awareness events and simply captivating the audience with immersive experiences they won’t forget. In the age of experiential marketing, we are experts when it comes to understanding our customers’ needs and translating a vision into a visual story. 

bose projection mapping experience amsterdam



We at Mr.Beam studio deeply believe in the importance of culture within society. To contribute to contemporary art and education, we always strive to do what we do best: tell a story using multimedia technology.

As we enjoy learning about historical events, we get inspired to translate history into a visual language. Our team of designers and animators creates unique content to captivate the audience with our touching stories.

Miffy peeking through the door

Miffy projection Centraal Museum, Utrecht


Audiovisual design

Communicating to your audience in an inspirational and professional manner: Mr.Beam Productions translates your ideas into audiovisual stories. With a show-control system, we are able to integrate technologies such as video, sound, lighting, and media to build a management system for applications like storytelling, projection mapping, experiences, museums, and (theatre) shows.

We are specialized in delivering innovative solutions for any type of event or space. Understanding the power of image over words, we make sure that the audience is captivated each and every time with our versatile multimedia installations.



We create your canvas. The AV designs are developed in the first stage of the process, professionally considering the type of environment and audience. From public buildings, to theaters, venues and museums. We can transform any kind of space into a magical new world, bringing people together and creating memories that last a lifetime. Our innovative team always invents new ways to use (public) spaces to tell your story.

Moco Museum exhibition installation technical production

Immersive projection mapping for Canon


Temporary and permanent installations

Are you planning a permanent experience for your audience? Or would you like a jaw-dropping event for one night? Mr.Beam Productions has a team of technicians with the knowledge to deliver high-quality results on every location using state of the art technology.

Each type of permanent installation needs a different approach. Installations run every day and need to be automated. Therefore it’s important to manage the equipment that meets your standards in creating the best results at the best price. Reliability and low-maintenance equipment play an important role in the choices we make.

We offer a Service Level agreement applied to your wishes on different levels. The years of experience of our team combined with the service provided by our partners and manufacturers will make it possible to create a long-lasting experience.

We always personalize our services to provide the best option that suits a customers wishes. Whether rental solutions from our own stock or hardware from our partners, our experienced technical team will do all that’s possible help your project succeed. A one day event or an exhibition which lasts several months – Mr.Beam productions makes it possible to make it a unforgettable experience for your audience for any type of event or space.

Many of our productions are site-specific installations and designed to temporarily transform the perception of a space entirely. With our team of diverse specialists we can provide the full service. It starts with your idea and comes to life during the event, experience or exhibition. Mr Beam productions will organise and control all steps of the way, from production, logistics to on-site operations.

For long term exhibitions we can automate and program the installation as you wish and train your employees in operating the system. Like our permanent installations, we collaborate with various partners, but operate independently.

Thumbnail for Anatomical Theatre, a projection experience created by Mr.Beam studio for Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, the Netherlands

Anatomical Theatre 360 projection experience Museum Boerhaave

We love creative challenges and like to
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