Taking Light Steps Forward: A Post-COVID society

It seems as if 2020 is all about change. The COVID-19 outbreak was the beginning of international chaos, which had a major impact on our society. Daily routines were paused for a while and we had to adjust to a new world.

We are still waiting on vaccines and while there are still lockdowns and quarantines, there were many positive outcomes. Because of a collective disorder where almost everybody was forced to stay home, we were connected like never before. Innovation and creativity bloomed and brought us new ideas. Now it’s time to take these ideas to stimulate the cultural industry and start designing a post-COVID society.

Wearing A Mask to Record A Production Post Covid Society

Setting up Projections In Isolation Post Covid Society


Creative Adaptation

Showing resilience and innovation in times of crisis.

The creative industry has been hugely impacted by the Corona pandemic and continues to face ongoing and evolving challenges. Nonetheless, it’s in our nature to show resilience and innovation in times of crisis. Many creative ideas arose to stay connected and interact with each other. From balcony concerts to online workshops and even Instagram contests.

In our blog ‘Dealing with COVID-19 as a creative studio’ we take you through our process of adaptation and re-inventing our new normal. Some of our projects were canceled, with others we were looking into different options.

For Freedom Fire, the 75th commemoration since the end of World War II, the city of Wageningen entrusted us to create an audiovisual experience, honoring those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Due to COVID-19, we were not able to have an experience on location with our audience as usual. Instead, the show was designed considering the camera angles as the whole ceremony was live-streamed on NPO1, national television. And there are many more examples of cool projects arising from a place of chaos.

Like for instance the inspiring project from Gucci, with their comic book Myristica, where they open dialogue on important themes like Black Lives matter and queer identity in an approachable manner to people who might not easily expose themselves to things like this.

Or Jean Jullien, who takes his illustrations to the physical world when everyone else goes digital. His colorful and humorous characters bring a smile to your face and allow you to experience art within an appropriate distance.

The Moco Museum created an augmented reality app. The app overlays a selection of the museum’s contemporary artworks with interactive digital content. Visitors can point their mobile phones or tablets at the artworks. In the world of AR, they are the biggest museum on Museum Plein.

After slowing down, rebuilding is the next step. Although many museums and organizations developed creative alternatives to still keep their audience engaged digitally, in the end, art is about the experience and luckily we’re able to slowly start the program again.

Freedom Fire Wageningen 75 Years

Freedom Fire Wageningen Public event COVID-19


Safety First

Rethinking installations by combining art and technology in new ways.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations had to rethink how to exhibit interactive installations where visitors used to touch the objects and engage in small spaces. Popular audio tours where the audience used to reuse each other’s devices, for instance, are not possible within our new world. Art and technology like never before should work together in designing new ways for enthusiasts to re-engage with the artwork. How can multimedia design help develop new ways to experience exhibitions safely? 

We’ve already seen the integration of our mobile devices as a safe and engaging way to interact with the artwork and numerous virtual tours to experience an exhibition from home.

Many museums that opened their doors had to reduce the number of visitors to a minimum in order to follow new restrictions. It won’t be business as usual, so this situation asks for a more flexible and creative approach.

Safe Space Post Covid-19 Society Teaser


Light Steps Forward

Flexible creativity to reach beyond the reality of physical distance.

Many municipalities in the Netherlands saw the events that they had planned for their residents being canceled due to Covid-19. Everything has been paused, for multiple months now. Yet it now seems that more and more is possible and it is time to find the button to turn (public) life back on, but how do you do that? How do you connect with people in a safe and responsible way?

This situation requires flexible, creative ideas with which you can make a statement and reach many residents because it is accessible, easily shareable, Instagrammable, and downright spectacular. Light art is extremely suitable for this and is also extremely customizable. You can tailor the message you want to convey to your residents in numerous ways.


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