Tony's Chocolonely


Crazy about chocolate, serious about people“, that’s the slogan of Hollands’ #1 chocolate brand: Tony’s Chocolonely.

The company’s mission is producing and selling according to the fair trade practices, opposing slavery and child labour. By partnering up with companies from Ghana and Ivory Coast and buying cocoa beans directly from the farmers, Tony’s Chocolonely fight exploitation and slavery.

Except for having an admirable ideology, Tony’s is offering a rich variety of different flavours, such as: Milk chocolate, Milk caramel sea salt, Extra Dark chocolate, Milk hazelnut, White Raspberry Popping Candy, Dark milk pretzel toffee and more.



Soho is a fashionable district in an area of the City of Westminster in London. This major entertainment district is known for many music clubs such as 2i’s Coffee Bar and the Marquee Club and theatres such as the Windmill Theatre. Also the British film industry is located around Soho, including the British headquarters of Twentieth Century Fox office.

We were pleased to create a multimedia experience, supporting Tony’s Chocolonely product launch in the UK. Using projection mapping techniques, we transformed an empty white space into a fun and educational installation, telling the story of the company’s great mission.
Our creative – and technical director flew over to the location to manage and install the whole project. A giant chocolate bar served as our canvas, to entertain the audience. It was a great pleasure collaborating with such a visionary brand, creating audience experience and raising awareness for a 100% slave-free chocolate.