This projection mapping show brings the story of St. Maarten to light, on the facade of City Hall in Utrecht’s city center. A theatre puppet style of storytelling recounts the origins of St. Maarten’s legend, the history of the city of Utrecht, and the ties that inextricably link them together.

The Quake Immersive Experience takes the visitor back to the year 1755, to relive the great Lisbon earthquake. The experience museum combines video mapping, interactive technology, and state-of-the-art simulators as tools for education. The visitor learns about the devastating consequences of the earthquake in Lisbon. The museum also teaches visitors about the lasting effects of the event on society up to the present.

Our team created a 270° immersive projection for WWII Museum Overloon. The museum sits on top of the battlefield site at Overloon. Objects from World War II fill the museum from top to bottom. Each object represents the story of a person who owned it or used it. The museum intertwines the object with the story of the person attached to it. In this way, the museum presents war in the light of what is affected most by conflict – our humanity. The projections showcase many objects from the museum and for this reason, the show asks the question: are you willing to stand up for the liberty of others?

We combined our fascination for light, architecture and visual innovation and created an immersive performance piece titled ‘Safe Space’.

A heritage site turned into a respite from the worries of the outside world. Become fully immersed in the changing innerscapes, tailored and projected onto the interior architecture of a chosen space, merging the physical and ethereal into one realm of possibilities.

The Dutch water protection system is a complicated and advanced organisation. To translate the story into a visual language that is understandable for every visitor, the technical production uses state of the art technology, to deliver an installation for the museum that can surprise the audience with a digital explanation and experience of historical events.

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam presents a new art installation in collaboration with Studio Irma. Mr.Beam provided full technical setup for the exhibition ‘Reflecting Forward’. This Digital Immersive Art installation allows the audience to get lost in the world of art and technology.

This projection mapping show commemorates 75 years of liberation after World War 2.

Every year the Netherlands lights 16 Freedom Fires (Vrijheidsvuur) on the 4th of May. We created our show for the lighting in front of the Hotel de Wêreld in Wageningen. Generaloberst Johannes Blaskowitz and Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes famously signed the capitulation here in 1945. This signing signaled the end of the war.

Visualizing the history and future through projection mapping on a 12.5m high sculpture. Using 4 projectors, the story is told on each side of the miniature tower: from the structure to restoration and the future of the Dom tower.