This is Stem, a growing interactive art installation. You are invited to feed the artwork with your voice and see it transform into a unique plant that twists and grows on a building.


Introducing Luma in Motion. An interactive digital installation. Imagine being able to touch and rearrange history’s most influential master paintings. By merging art from local museum collections or work by local artists with architectural mapping, the audience becomes an active and interactive participant.


‘Kleur de Stad’ is a community art installation by Mr.Beam Studio, that allows young and old to color their city and share their creativity with others.

Keys of Light is an interactive piano installation for everyone, allowing the audience to co-create a vision-sound harmony by playing the piano. The architectural facade of any building is transformed into an ever-changing coloured canvas with the stroke of each piano key.

We combined our fascination for light, architecture and visual innovation and created an immersive performance piece titled ‘Safe Space’.

A heritage site turned into a respite from the worries of the outside world. Become fully immersed in the changing innerscapes, tailored and projected onto the interior architecture of a chosen space, merging the physical and ethereal into one realm of possibilities.