Mr.Beam has collaborated with the production team for Kensington to help set the tone for some of their most unforgettable performances.

Mr.Beam has collaborated with DIRECT band on live show visuals. We designed an intimate live streamed show for the dome in Omniversum, Den Haag. We also designed a large scale live show for Rotterdam Ahoy.

Keys of Light is an interactive piano installation for everyone, allowing the audience to co-create a vision-sound harmony by playing the piano. The architectural facade of any building is transformed into an ever-changing coloured canvas with the stroke of each piano key.

This projection mapping show commemorates 75 years of liberation after World War 2.

Every year the Netherlands lights 16 Freedom Fires (Vrijheidsvuur) on the 4th of May. We created our show for the lighting in front of the Hotel de Wêreld in Wageningen. Generaloberst Johannes Blaskowitz and Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes famously signed the capitulation here in 1945. This signing signaled the end of the war.

We were honoured to collaborate with the creative team of Holland Opera in creating ‘Die Zauberflöte Requiem’ opera at the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht. For this project, we worked closely with the creative director Joke Hoolboom and music composer Roel Slootman to create a dynamic performance where contemporary meets classical.

A standalone system that provides synchronised visuals
and communication capabilities. That was our goal for
Dr. Lektroluv’s visual show. The godfather of electro music,
Dr. Lekltroluv is known for his masked appearance.
To communicate with his audience in style, we designed a communication tool using an interactive touchscreen.