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Airborne at Night – Cityhall Renkum

black and white visual designs mr.Beam airborne by night projection


To develop the style of the Airborne at Night projection show, we studied the history and events surrounding Operation Market Garden and used them as a starting point for our designs. What equipment and vehicles were used? And in what circumstances did the heroes find themselves? This great heroic act was an inspiration to make a translation into a visual story.

The impressive history of the Battle of Arnhem, stimulated our designers to develop this particular visual style.
The projection show has been designed with the look and feel of an old black and white film. This way, the viewer is taken to the past through the visual language of the projection mapping show. The interplay between grayscale recordings of our history and the colourful memory the witnesses of this event have, created an exciting contrast within our design.

Black and white visual designs airborne at night projection mapping show

Black and white designs airborne at Night

visual designs airborne at night black and white



Mr.Beam production arranged the complete technical setup and hardware for this project. Like every project, we work with a team of producers and technologists with the knowledge to deliver high-quality results.

The projectors were placed in front of the city hall of Renkum in special hardware containers. After location visits the team has all the knowledge necessary about the site to deliver and install an installation that will provide the technical setup for the audience to have an unforgettable experience of the projection mapping show.

Production of Airborne at Night projection

Tech setup Airborne at Night

Tech setup by Mr.Beam production team

projection mapping airborne

Airborne at Night projection mapping show flowers