Technical Production
Mees Borst


Canvas is a platform for video artists in the biggest music complex of Utrecht:TivoliVredenburg. Contemporary artists are given the opportunity to present their artwork to hundreds of visitors on a 150m2 surface. Their work is exhibited with projection mapping in the big hall of Park 6 every Friday – and Saturday night. Great and fun way to showcase your talent!

The official launch of the project was on November 29th. No less than 15 artists were chosen to wow the audience with a diverse selection of work: from underwater choreography to playful animations and futuristic designs, projection mapped on the remarkable walls of TivoliVredenburg.

Our production team delivered full technical setup, making sure all artworks are shown in the best quality on the characteristic 150m2 ‘screen’.  Having this initiative in our hometown, it was a great opportunity for us to contribute to the local art scene as a curator of Canvas.

Projection mapping video art


Projection Mapping Video Art

Projection Mapping video art in tivoli


Projection Mapping video art

Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht

TivoliVredenburg is the biggest music complex in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It offers a variety of music genres like classical, pop, hip-hop, jazz, house, soul, and more, all under one roof. Many big names from the music industry have passed the stage, leaving memorable performances: Sean Paul, Angie Stone, Kensington, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few.

The city like architecture offers a variety of stages on every floor. Many visual artists are showcased in the hall of the building, offering a platform for local talent. This idea developed in a 150m2 stage for video artists called: Canvas.


Creative vision

We always aspire to pass on our knowledge and experience to younger generations, contributing to the local art scene. This was a great opportunity to work with talented video artists and get inspired by the creativity that our city has to offer. A lot of the talent is being developed at the HKU: The University of the Arts in Utrecht, which offers bachelor and master programs for fine art, design, media, games and interaction, music, theatre, and arts management.

For the official opening, TivoliVredenburg hosted a multidisciplinary event where various creative entrepreneurs met under one roof: video art, projection mapping, screen printing, illustration and music through the silent disco headphones.

Canvas is the first permanent digital platform in Utrecht, and we’re proud to be a part of this great initiative.


Creative Director

projectie in tivoli vredenbrug park 6