Projection mapping on the Dom Tower

The new ‘City Room’ is the beating heart of Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. The interior space is 15 meters high, and the architecture integrates outside with the inside. The design is created by D / DOCK and STIR Architecture. The new Hoog Catharijne connects with the city and forms a start for an indoor shopping mall. The history of Utrecht is strongly linked to the canals: visitors will soon be able to see the boats sailing under the ‘City Room’ through three large glass water islands in the square.

As a meeting place, the city room is also a space where art and culture are exhibited. This also applies to our project to temporarily restore the Dom tower, making a connection with the real Dom tower and the ongoing Keys of Light project.

Because the Dom Tower is under construction for the next 5 years and therefore not visible, we have designed a work of art in which the history and future are visualized through projection mapping on a 12.5m high sculpture. Using 4 projectors, the story is told on each side of the miniature tower: from the structure to restoration and the future of the Dom tower. This work also corresponds to our interactive piano installation Keys of Light which will be on show on Domplein until 20 December.


Domtoren Sculptuur Utrecht

Domtoren Sculptuur hoog catharijne

Domtoren sculptuur Stadskamer Hoog Catharijne

Projection mapping Domtoren Hoog Catharijne

Projectie Domtoren Utrecht


projection mapping nederland

The history

Dom tower, the icon, and pride of Utrecht. This striking Gothic church was built in 1254 in the middle of the Dutch city of Utrecht. The 112.32 meter high Dom tower is the highest church tower in the Netherlands! This more than 600 years old tower has been an attraction for tourists.

The construction of the Dom tower starts in 1321 but stopped in 1342 due to financial reasons. The Dom Tower was completed in 1382. During the iconoclasm in 1580, Catholic shrines were destroyed, and so the Dom became a Protestant church. But the real damage to the church took place on August 1, 1674, by a devastating tornado. The entire center building was destroyed, leaving ruins on the current Domplein for over 200 years.

Domplein/Dom square

After the departure of the Romans, monk Willibrord started using the fort to spread Christianity from there to the rest of the Netherlands. Utrecht developed into a religious center, until the Normans plunder the area in the 9th century, causing the bishops to leave the city.
On August 1, 1674, the Dom church was seriously damaged by a tornado. When the ruins were removed in 1826, open space is created. This became the Dom square.





Keys of Light

With this interactive installation, you literally light up the real Dom tower. By playing the piano, each key transforms into graphic designs that are projected on the Dom Tower.

The “Keys of Light” event is an initiative of the Utrechts EigenDom Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to raise money for the light art-work of the Dom tower. You can visit and participate with Keys of Light every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Dom square, Utrecht