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Haarlemmerpoort is the fifth gate on the side of Harlem, as a part of the fortifications of Amsterdam. This 19th century gate – official name ‘Willemspoort’ – was opened on November 27, 1840 and is located at the Haarlemmerplein.

The neoclassical style resembles in the symmetrical designs and is inspired by the classical Greek and Roman temple architecture. Eight Corinthian columns made of Bentheim sandstone have been placed in the passage, and the ceiling includes beautiful rosette designs. 

The favourable position of the Haarlemmerpoort allows public engagement both from passerby and busy Amsterdam traffic to interact with the artwork. Triggered by the architecture, we have designed a temporary artwork, inspired by the four seasons. The mesmerising light and animation transitions are mapped onto the gate, create an extra dimension to rediscover the architecture.

Haarlemmerpoort ceiling photo

A panoramic photo of the Haarlemmerpoort under construction


Photo of the projection mapping installation on the Haarlemmerpoort in Amsterdam


Looking at the transformative character of the gate throughout the years, we were inspired to integrate the four seasons into our animation designs: spring, summer, fall and winter

As usual, we visit the location to study the history of the place and explore the architecture. Not surprisingly, the beautiful architecture influenced our animation designs. To accentuate it’s shapes and decorations, our art director and creative team managed to catch the attention of the passerby using bright colours and organic designs.

In collaboration with a music composer, who designed captivating compositions for the animation designs, we added an extra dimension to the experience.