Initiated by
La Fête des Lumières Lyon
Commissioned by
Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Projections & Animations
Music Composition
Roel Slootman
Sound Design
Aline Bruijns
Technical Partner
Nexxt Technology


‘Insert Coin’ pays tribute to some of the most iconic childhood videogame titles like PacMan, Galaga and Tekken. An exciting projection mapping story that revolves around Amy, Ike and their dog Chippy, who discover the universe of Bandai Namco through a magical arcade in the basement.

This unique collaboration between Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Mr.Beam was made possible by Fête des Lumières Lyon and exhibited on the facade of La Poste.

Over 1.000.000 visitors watched ‘Insert Coin’ in 2017.

La Fête des Lumières Lyon | Insert coin by Mr.Beam



From writing the story, to character design, voice recording and mapping – for this particular project we have directed all aspects of the show from drawing table to operation. During creative brainstorm sessions the story was written, about the adventures of Amy, Ike and their dog Chippy, who found an old arcade machine in the basement. After throwing in a Coin into the machine, they are teleported into the world of some nostalgic games. How will they get out and what dangers will they encounter? The spectator is taken on a journey along with the main characters.

In collaboration with talented artists, characters were designed and brought to life. Voice actors gave the characters a personality and music composer Roel Slootman wrote the music for the entire show.
Working with such a diverse creative team, could only make this project as special as it turned out to be.

La Fête des Lumières Lyon | Insert coin by Mr.Beam

La Fête des Lumières Lyon | Insert coin by Mr.Beam



It all starts with a blank sheet of paper or tablet screen. Working with cues from the story team and notes from the director, the artist helps to capture the right look to support the emotional essence of the character, and define who that character is. Dedicated character studies, finetuning every quality until the right design is accomplished.

Once the required look is achieved, it’s time to really bring the characters to life. During various audition rounds, we selected voice actors who fit the personality of our characters best. Next step is movement.

Our talented animators bring the characters to life, using the principles of animation such as timing, squash and stretch, anticipation,  clear staging, , and secondary action to give our characters an identity. From subtle movements, to emotional moments and drama, our animators use their knowledge of anatomy, appeal, and understanding of acting to create appealing and emotionally-driven characters with believable personalities.



Every animator is familiar with the 12 principles Basic Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch, Staging, Anticipation, Straight Ahead Action & Pose to Pose, Slow In and Slow Out, Arc, Follow through and overlapping action, Secondary Action, Timing, Solid drawing, Exaggeration and Appeal. These 12 principles were first introduced in the book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation. The book was written by Disney animators and masters Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

Our talented animators transform graphic designs into dynamic animated sequences. Often this means studying movement as a part of the process.


La Fête des Lumières Lyon | Insert coin by Mr.Beam