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After 5 sold out shows at the Ziggo Dome, Hollands biggest rockband Kensington takes it to Amsterdam Arena. The stadium hosted superstars like Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Jay-Z and Beyonce.

An artists ambition is to take their audience on a journey to a unique universe.
We at Mr.Beam studio understand this ambition and bring it to life. Working closely with our client and studying their wishes, we design, direct and produce unforgettable live performances.

For their live show at the Amsterdam Arena, or the Johan Cruijff Arena, we were honoured to create unique content for the entire show, translating a vision into an unforgettable experience for over 50,000 fans.



Usually our starting-point is a story, a script or an idea. In this particular case, the content started with the music of Kensington.

Studying every song, we created moodboards to determine the aesthetics of the show. By having regular meetings with the band, we were able to discuss all visual input, making sure our content represents the right interpretation of the music that adds an extra dimension to the experience.



In order to create an unforgettable experience for the audience, we worked closely with set designer Ronald van den Bersselaar from BEEO, lighting operator Jop Kuipers, lighting designer Michiel Milbou of Never Fear Shadows and off course with the Kensington band.  This way, we were able to attune the content to the lighting and lasers, creating a dynamic live show.

After approval of the moodboards, our team of talented designers created style frames to establish the aesthetics of the show.

Inspired by the music and the size of the enormous stage, we designed content to cover the entire live show. Every track was carefully translated using captivating visual language to intensify the message of each song.


Kensington live show Johan Cruijff Arena Amsterdam Visual design



For the song ‘Rivals’ we wanted to create something extraordinary. Introducing a Kinect device into the process, we transformed the band members into particle giants.

Kinect is a motion sensing device, that can be used for voice – and facial recognition. We invited the band members to our studio to record them individually, registering their characteristics and signature moves. Implementing the recorded material with our visual designs, the four artists transformed into iconic avatar figures.



The Amsterdam Arena or the Johan Cruijff Arena is considered a milestone for many artists. The Dutch rockband performed their popular album ‘Control’ in front of 50,000 fans. Our challenge together with the production team, was to create a lasting once in a life time experience.

The aspect of daylight at the stadium, challenged us to create an evolving show climaxing into the night. In collaboration with the light designer, 200 Robe Spiiders and BMFL Spot moving lights were used to enhance the rock and roll sensation.

Gradually increasing the intensity of the show, the audience was taken on an adventure they wouldn’t forget any time soon.



stage design for Kensington live show

Kensington live show stage design at Johan Cruijff Arena Amsterdam