Keys of Light is a ‘free to play’ interactive installation for everyone, allowing the audience to co-create the  work by playing the piano.
Each tone that is played, creates a pulse of light or visual element that represents the nature of that tone. In doing so, it becomes an extension to the performance, challenging the player to explore harmony between music, projection mapping and architecture.

The installation is modular and capable of adapting to any environment. Several exhibitions of ‘Keys of Light’ have proven this work to be ideal for light- and art festivals and a great platform for allowing local culture and art to merge in one magical experience.

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Girl playing the interactive piano Keys of Light in Ghent


Light Festival Ghent


Photo of a man playing the Keys of Light piano at Light Festival Ghent


Mr.Beam presented the interactive piano installation Keys of Light for the first time during Light Festival Ghent. The easily accessible installation soon became one of the audience favourites. Spontaneous public participation to well known songs of Queen and the Beatles united the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.




Keys of Light serves as a platform for talent. During the opening of the Light Festival Ghent, a 10-year old piano prodigy showed off her skills on the interactive installation. The interactive installation then inspired many local conservatory students to seize the opportunity showcasing their talents.




Girl playing the interactive piano Keys of Light in Ghent

Photo of Keys of Light projections on a building during Light Festival Ghent

Projection mapping on buildings by Mr.Beam during Ghent Light Festival

Close up of the Keys of Light installation in Ghent

Projection mapping on buildings by Mr.Beam during Ghent Light Festival


La Fête des Lumières Lyon



Mr.Beam studio had the honour to showcase Keys of Light during La Fête des Lumières at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, France.

Having Museé des Beaux-Arts’ beautiful courtyard as our unique location, we were able to present the interactive piano installation within an intimate outside setting using projection mapping techniques and state of the art technology. Our animation designs combined with professional technical production, brought the environment to life.




iLight Singapore



Singapore is known as Asia’s greenest city and innovative environmentally friendly ideas.
We were more than happy to take part in the ideology of this beautiful city during the iLight Festival.

Inspired by the mesmerising Peranakan culture and style, our designers created unique colour palettes to honour the heritage while accentuating the beautiful nature in the Fort Canning Park.
As our interactive installation was located on a hill, we playfully integrated the light tower that served as an eye catcher.


Kurhaus Scheveingen



Kurhaus, or Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus Den Haag, is one of the most famous hotels in Den Haag. Located at the seaside in Scheveningen, it is a popular location for various artists and influential guests.

In occasion of the festival Feest aan Zee, an event in Den Haag connecting seaside to city, we were asked to present our interactive piano installation Keys of Light at the Kurhaus. The location is well known for the famous café Crazy Piano’s, hosting many live performances and artists. It was a great pleasure introducing piano performances on an other level. Inspired by the beautiful architecture of Kurhaus, our designers created unique animations that were projected when playing the piano.

Various famous Dutch artists such as Wibi Soerjadi,  Cor Bakker and Jan Vayne gave their performance on Keys of Light, creating an unforgettable immersive experience.




Lumina Portugal


The LUMINA Festival of Light, held in Cascais Portugal, showcases international artists with light installations, immersive video mappings, performances, parades and interactive projects.
We were asked to participate with our interactive piano installation Keys of Light.

Cascais Cultural Center served as our canvas and inspiration for the animation designs. In collaboration with interactive-designer Adriaan Wormgoor, we were able to create unique variations to be discovered by the audience. Every key triggers a different outcome on the building. Keys of Light became very popular among children and adults.


Keys of Light is modular and adapts to any environment.
We're always excited about new locations and ideas!