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Leeuwarden-Fryslan is the European Capital of Culture 2018.
Designated by the European Union as the European host for cultural events throughout the year.
Directed by the talents at Tryater, this grand opening accommodated music, choreography, light and projection mapping into a international event.

Over 400 artists, musicians and performers were orchestrated simultaneously at 4 squares in the city. Staged in towers that resemble the iconic Oldenhove towers in Fryslan. 40.000 visitors watched the live performance, while many more enjoyed the live broadcast on national TV.

European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden



We at Mr.Beam enjoy creative collaborations. For this project we worked together with theatre team Tryater, to create an opening performance for the European Capital of Culture event in Leeuwarden.
Tryater is the oldest theatre company in the Netherlands  – based in Friesland, one of the 12 Dutch provinces. Ira Judkovskaja (Moskou, 1975) is the artistic director since 2008. The theatre company plays classic and modern repertoire in theatres, cultural centres, gymnasia, schools and outdoor locations of cities, towns and villages.

To represent the Netherlands as a cultural country in 2018, we collaborated closely with the Tryater team to create a unique immersive experience and an unforgettable performance.
A theatre piece directed by Ira Judkovskaya, about connection, storytelling and culture. Our team created animations and developed the visual translation for the performance.
The King of the Netherlands Willem Alexander and his queen Maxima, officially opened the event by ringing the bells within our installation.