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Imagine being able to touch and rearrange some of the most influential Dutch paintings…not something you would do in a museum, right? Well, we had the fun possibility to transform the facade of Mauritshuis into an interactive museum. Our playful projection mapping installation allows the audience to interact with old masters’ creations and reshape the compositions by moving around.

We have made a selection of legendary paintings from the Mauritshuis collection, like the ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer, self portrait by Rembrandt, ‘Laughing boy’ by Frans Hals and still-life with flowers by Ambrosius Bosschaert de Oude. These masterpieces are projected on the facade of the museum, with a motion tracking surface across the building. The movement is tracked and transformed into particles that impact the projections. This project stimulates the audience to explore old art pieces through contemporary digital techniques.

Interactive projection - Girl with the pearl earring projected on the facade of Mauritshuis




From November 28th until December 21st, the city of The Hague was illuminated by our projection installations. Both Ridderzaal and the Mauritshuis transformed into an immersive canvas, paying an homage to our history through visual storytelling. The projection show ‘Old Masters, New Heroes‘ from last year, returned to the Binnenhof.

Find out more about The Hague Highlights in this video (NL)




In Januari 2019, we have honoured Hollands’ great painter Rembrandt van Rijn with a projection on the Mauritshuis during ‘The Year of Rembrandt’ in The Hague. Our projection show opened this festive celebration on January 31st, with an exhibition and the Mauritshuis. For the first time, all 18 paintings by Rembrandt have been brought together in one exhibition. Not only the famous masterpieces are shown, but also works of art that were seldom or never exhibited before. This memorable happening was even visited by the formal queen of the Netherlands: Beatrix

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