Projection Art
Music Composition
Roel Slootman
Filmed by
The Videomatic
Timon Jacob
Technical Partner


As the function of Metaal Kathedraal transforms throughout the years, so do our animation designs throughout the performance. Different shapes and colors accentuate the beautiful architecture, giving it an even more majestic appearance. While the walls mutate from pattern to pattern and shape to shape, the stage is being formed for the choreography to come to live.

projection mapping in space and person


Behind the scene of the projection mapping artwork Morphosis


It all started with a location visit to the Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The beautiful Roman architecture and it’s current function inspired us to make this an interdisciplinary art project and collaborate with various artists.

This concept resulted in a unique multimedia artwork, crossing borders of traditional art forms.
Music composer Roel Slootman wrote his piece inspired by the architecture and animation designs. Dancer Evelyn Rossie, choreographed her piece using Roel’s music as an inspiration and incorporated projection mapping designs as she reacted on the different shapes during her performance. The Mr.Beam team directed the project, bringing all disciplines together into one.







Since it’s establishment in 1857, Metaal Kathedraal has been transformed into different forms and functions. Originally a Roman Catholic Church, the building functioned as a sidecar factory, a metal factory and since 2011 as a cultural center for artist in residencies.

Inspired by the transformative character of Metaal Kathedraal, we wanted to tell the story of it’s fascinating metamorphosis. ‘Morphosis’ is an interdisciplinary creative project initiated by Mr.Beam studio, bringing together choreography, music composition, architecture and projection mapping. The fascinating synergy between different disciplines formed the foundation for this creative collaboration.

MrBeam - Transformation / morphosis Projection Mapping Metaal Kathedraal