Immersive Experience on demand

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Roel Slootman

An experience room for Videoland

Imagine experiencing your favorite TV-show as if you were there: your living room transformed into unique movie sets. Videoland is a Dutch video on demand service owned by RTL Nederland. For the promotion of their new TV-shows, we have created a 360 experience box that gives a hole new dimension to television.

The walls are transformed into scenographic landscapes, teleporting you to different worlds. You will never have the feeling of sitting on the couch in front of a screen again.


360 Projection Mapping

The famous movie director Steven Spielberg already predicted it: “Some day in the not too distant future you’ll be able to go to a movie and the movie will be all around you.” This is exactly what Videoland wanted to achieve with their Experience Box and so we created a 360 projection environment to surround the audience with their favourite TV-show.

After selecting a show, the whole room transforms into an immersive movie set. Using our projection techniques, the walls become an extension of the TV-screen, and the animated special affects bring the space to life, entertaining the audience with an unforgettable experience.


In order to create a captivating immersive experience for the audience, our creative team studied the story first to create a perfect look and feel. Detailed animated interior designs, characters, lighting and color schemes, create a realistic environment to capture the audience and takes watching a movie to the next level. Our technical team designed and produced a perfect audiovisual setup for the ultimate 360 experience.

We’ve designed and projected a spacial environment inspired by popular TV-shows in the Netherlands, like: Temptation Island, Soof and The Handmaid’s Tale. Using headphones for a full sound experience, the illusion of an augmented reality was shaped.

a 360 projected TV show in a room creating an immersive experience for your favourite TV show Videland